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In the northern region of the State of Baja California Sur, there is the San Francisco mountain range, where there is one of the nuclei of cave paintings that abound throughout this area
Hundreds of year before the arrival of the Missioners, the inhabitants of the Peninsula Baja California organized in tribes of huntsmen. Most of the knowledge that we have from that time has been collected from the accurate reading of cave paintings.
Joins us in this time travel activity with our knowledgeable guides. Along the way you can enjoy beautiful landscapes that go from the imposing La Giganta mountain range to hundreds of hectares of fertile soil till we reach the meeting point where we will leave the van to start a 45 mins walk into the heart of the mountains to discover the cave paintings. As we walk your guide will explain details of the fauna and flora found there.

Canipolé Cave Painting

SKU: Canipolé
    • Van transportation
    • Knowledgeable tour guide
    • Local English-speaking guide.
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